Coaching has become a common term, but all coaches aren't alike. Credentialed coaches have undergone rigorous training, training aimed at transforming each client. Master Coaches ask the questions you are afraid to ask yourself. They create the safe place for discussion and introspection, from which the butterfly emerges and true lasting success begins.

What can you expect when working with a credentialed coach?

1. A champion and partner in your success

Coaches hold your dreams and ambitions in a position of honor. When you are too deep in the trenches to remember why you're there, trust your coach to remind you, "You're closer to your dream than you think."

A coach will support your every step as you uncover the path to your personal definition of success.


2. Someone to ask key questions like:

Who are you?  What are your values?

What do you love to do?  What are your real talents?

How do you discover the essential spirit within you?

Who do you love to be with?  These people usually make the best clients.

Where do you find these people?  Golf Course?  Tennis Court?

Questions are a vital part of the coaching toolbox, and a credentialed coach recognizes what it takes for a client to get to the next breakthrough.

3. An open ear and mind

I listen.... for what you are saying and not saying.
I ask questions...... because you have the answers
I honor you exactly where you are.... love and respect you as you are – no judgments or unwanted advice
I hold you to a higher standards......the standards I listened for in our conversations.

When's the last time you had that? You'll get it in every session from a credentialed coach.

4. An accountability partner

Your Coach can’t do the work for you. But she is your top fan who will keep you accountable to yourself and hold in front of you the ultimate plan to transform you into the person you dream of.