Edie has been a coach and entrepreneur for 20 years. Like many, she started in corporate America, working for Chase Manhattan and then Xerox before buying into an existing Anthony Robbins franchise.

Working with Mr. Robbins’ material started Edie’s love affair with self-improvement and motivational thinking and transformation. Becoming a coach was a natural step, and she started working with Thomas Leonard, the founder of Coach University in 1995. Edie has been with coaching since its beginning as a profession, and she was one of the first teleclass leaders for Coach University. She went on to become one of the first Master Certified Coaches with the International Coach Federation.


As one of the first coaches in her hometown of Rochester, NY, she has been a spokesperson for the profession, and she is uniquely qualified to mentor new coaches. She’s seen it all, from the early beginnings to the new maturity of the profession.

Spirituality and transformation are at the heart of Edie’s coaching philosophy, and she has helped many clients through the heartache, pain and joy of being the people they are called to be.

In addition to coaching, Edie is married to a wonderful husband who is her right hand. She is the mother of two successful children, and she is owned by Napoleon and Razmataz, cats who bring more joy to her life