Speaking to Your Group, Company, or Organization

How about considering a speaker who's experienced what she talks about - and can identify through personal challenges and accomplishments with the issues faced by many in the audience?

Edie Pereira Hulbert has experienced the thrills - and challenges - associated with running a business. She's a respected and honored coach - serving Coach U as a constant advisor and frequent feature teacher. She's also faced ethnic challenges - and surmounted them - as an immigrant to this country who learned English as a second language and now speaks without a perceptible accent. Why not make your next group, company or organization meeting an opportunity to influence attendees with a message and a life perspective that may improve their lives forever?

Sample Topics:

Climb Out of Your Rut and Back Into the Game

Are you stuck? Banging your head against the same wall over and over again? Know you deserve greater success in your business or personal life, but don't know how to get it? In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to identify the blocks that stand in your way of success and what is really holding you back - the rut.

The Amazing Art of Asking Questions

Do you fumble at the beginning of a conversation? Does your mind nearly shut down at the thought of making small talk? Whether you are selling a product, networking at a conference, or just getting to know someone, questions are the most valuable resource you have. Learn to exercise the power of questions and see how their effective use will enhance your communication skills and your comfort level.

Coaching Skills as a Leadership Tool

Good coaching skills let you empower your people. Empowered people perform with greater levels of personal and company success. Your company will learn to function as a powerful team. Edie addresses three key components of successful coaching: 1) How to build satisfying workplace partnerships; 2) How to improve individual and team performance; and 3) How to foster learning and growth. Coaching in a business setting consists of a set of interpersonal skills which help to build confidence and self-assurance in employees.

Spotting the Opportunities - Taming the Dark Side of Action Plans and To-Do Lists?

Ever set out on a mission to accomplish something only to find that you have created the action plan, got all excited and nothing fell into place? Ever wonder why? In this workshop you will learn creative strategies to spot the opportunities that appear in your everyday life - business or personal - and turn them into synergistic moments. Knowing when and how to take purposeful action will create more energy and consistency in your life!

Create a Theme for Personal and Business Success!

How would you like your life to be different in the future? Discover the technique that I've used successfully for the last seven years to help me visualize my future --creating a theme for the year. This process has supported me in being focused and committed to my living an effortless life. You'll find it to be a great tool to help you develop focus and by which you measure my growth in your life and business. In this two-part class, you'll discover how to set you own theme for this year and the future and how to measure your success. Relax, have fun and watch the effortlessness begin!

Make Room for Success

Are you happy, confident and living the balanced life you really want? You will be motivated to take immediate action to:

-- simplify your life

-- stop worrying, reduce stress and start enjoying life

-- increase your self-confidence and self-esteem

-- successfully integrate your work and personal lives

-- have more time

-- be more relaxed about money

-- find your passion and tap into the true potential inside you

Leadership with Heart

Some leaders are born; others leaders are made. In this workshop, you will learn the difference between the two. Great leaders use the power of their heart to make decisions that propel their companies and organizations to great places. Dynamic leaders know themselves inside and out. They are open-minded and authentic. Integrity and trust are critical to their operating style. They have the wisdom to nurture and celebrate the talents of the people around them. Join us and discover the potential that lies within your heart. You will gain personal insight that will support you in implementing this style of leadership in your companies and organizations. Who should participate? Leaders who want to rekindle their passion. Managers looking for a different approach to managing their teams, executives who are ready to look at themselves and resurrect their innate talents and anyone who would like to tap into their heart energy.

Custom-designed keynotes and seminars created upon request.